Vintage Camper Mobile Bar in the Berkshires

Why Sweet Violet?

My most favorite childhood memories are of summers spent in the Virginia countryside with my amazing, hardworking grandparents. We’d spend hours on the front porch, picking vegetables out of the garden, taking walks down their country road, snapping green beans in the kitchen, catching fireflies and waving to the very few cars that actually drove by (and most were relatives of some sort!). I realize this probably sounds so cliche, but this was EXACTLY how it was! Simple, slow, AWESOME. I would give anything to go back to those long, summer days. It was one day of thinking along these lines that made me start thinking about seeking out a vintage camper that could be restored and used for weddings and events. And the only name that made sense, was Sweet Violet, after my sweetest Mawmaw.

Because of these precious memories, I’ve long been a fan of all-things-vintage. I have more dishtowels, and table linens than I care to count. Vintage mismatched silverware and etched glassware fill my cabinets. A quick glance around any room in my house, and you’ll likely spot a vintage brownie (camera), big-ben clock, yellow-ware bowl or delicate piece of china on display (which is funny, since I live in a modern colonial!)…and it just made sense to add a vintage travel trailer to the mix! All this, coupled with being a wedding planner and event designer, and the whole thing started coming together!

Thanks to my amazingly-handy, can-do-ANYTHING father-in-law, Sweet Violet came to life. With fresh coats of paint, new herringbone wood floors, cabinetry, fold-out windows and drop-leaf bars, she’s ready to roll and excited about adding a special touch to your event! While we work independently from your other event vendors, we’re friends with them all, and will be happy to help you secure your alcohol, bar staff, bar rentals, lawn games, etc. We can style Sweet Violet in a way that suits your entire event…and while she WILL be the life of your party, we (almost) promise she won’t steal your limelight! :)